Animal Health Week

This year’s Animal Health Week theme is Vaccines Save Lives*!

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) is reminding animal owners about these Five Reasons to Vaccinate:


1) Vaccinations are safe and effective – they prevent many animal illnesses.  To learn specifics of what vaccines your pet requires, see our website.  Cats, dogs, and ferrets all require vaccinations.

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2) Vaccinations protect everyone – they prevent diseases that can be passed not only from animal to animal, but also from animal to human.  Not all diseases are zoonotic, but some are.  It’s important to vaccinate for things like Rabies to protect you and your pet.

3) Vaccinations are an important part of annual health exams.  We are always vaccination and your dog(3)working to educate on the importance of annual preventative health exams.  Having your pet seen annually can be especially helpful if your pet gets sick or as your pet ages.

4) Vaccinations are tailored to each animal based on its breed, age, overall health, and disease exposure risk.  You and your pet’s lifestyle are taken into account when our veterinarians work out a vaccination schedule for your pet.  Your pet’s level of exposure to certain elements and environments will help to determine the best protocol for your pet.

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5) Vaccinations can help avoid costly treatments for diseases that can be prevented.  Diseases like Parvovirus (parvo) in dogs and Panleukopenia (feline distemper) in cats are two prime examples of devastating illnesses for your pet, both of which are preventable with appropriate vaccinations.


Have questions about vaccinations and your pet?  Give your veterinarian a call.

*information taken in part from the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s Animal Health Week information site

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Some additional information articles from CVMA:
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