The Pack Project

by: Jennifer Oldfieldppj

There is a relatively new group in Regina called The Pack Project.  If you have never heard of them they are somewhat of a unique organization.  There are 4 programs that this group is working to provide:

  1. Animal Welfare Outreach
  2. Youth Education
  3. Therapy Dog Outreach
  4. Dog Rescue

I personally like to describe them as a gateway.

1) They are a central location were other dog and cat rescues can go to for aid and assistance.  For example the Pack Project accepts food and supply donations and then disperses them to other rescue organizations working in a circular pattern starting in Regina and working outwards.  They have reached to Saskatoon and beyond when the supplies are available and the need is there.  They even help Carmichael Outreach with dog food for any people going there who may have a dog!

2) They are working towards providing education to youth on bite prevention and other animal knowledge including proper care etc.  They have been working with the school board on getting their education program into the schools in Regina.

3) They help to bring certified therapy dogs (via St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs program) to enhance the lives of those in hospital and those living in a variety of different types of care homes.

4) In January they will also be doing dog rescue including helping the Regina Humane Society with animals that are not doing well in that type of environment and moving them into their foster care and finding a permanent home for them.


The Pack Project is a very dedicated group and strongly believe that building knowledge and helping to provide aid will reduce the need for rescue organizations over time.  We love their philosophy and are dedicated to partnering with them as their veterinary team and in helping with other programs such as the Animal Welfare Outreach and the Youth Education.  A few members of our team are certified Be-a-Tree Dog Bite Prevention presenters and will be aiding the Pack Project with their outreach in the schools whenever needed.

To learn more about the Pack Project and how you can help visit their website:

The Pack Project

or find them on Facebook