Meet Kismet…


It is always good to give back to the community and help non-profit organizations with their cause.  A few of the other clinics in Regina have been doing spays and neuters for the Regina Humane Society once they receive so many “likes” on their Facebook pages.  We like this concept and wanted to do something similar.  We have decided to give our services of spays and neuters to Bright Eyes Dog Rescue (BEDR), a local, non-profit organization who work hard to help as many dogs as they can from near and far.  We are also utilizing our Paw It Forward Fund – which thanks to generous donations of our clients has grown to over $700 in the short time since we started back in September of last year.

Meet Kismet:kismet and pups

A lovely dog from a First Nation reserve on the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border.  Kismet and her sister Faith, both had litters of pups within days of each other.  Once they were caught, BEDR took them in.  A total of 11 puppies between the two moms!  Kismet with 7 pups and Faith with 4.  Now that the pups are old enough and it has been long enough since mom has fed the babies, it was time to take care of her needs.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThanks to the Paw It Forward Fund, Kismet had 2 broken teeth removed today- thank you again to the generous donors!  Our clinic also spayed Kismet and removed her rear dewclaws.  Kismet has been adopted and will be heading to beautiful British Columbia once she is healed from her surgeries.  Her sister Faith and a few of the pups are still in need of homes.  To inquire or learn more about these pups contact Bright Eyes Dog Rescue.



As we continue to do spays and neuters for BEDR, we won’t be looking for any additional likes on our Facebook page or anything else from our clients, we just simply ask that you spread the word about BEDR and continue to donate to our Paw It Forward Fund.

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