Marco’s Mass

by: Dr. Jo-Ann Liebe

Marco is a 12-year-old Beagle who had a common lump known as a lipoma (fatty lump), diagnosed in 2010.  Like most lipomas it stayed a relatively stable size over several years until between September and December 2013 when it almost tripled in size.  At the size it had grown to, it put Marco’s balance off and caused him a lot of discomfort,  the lump had to be removed.


The lump removal went quickly due to the fact that it was not invading any surrounding tissue nor near any large nerves or blood vessels.  Definitely a good thing!  Most of Marco’s surgery time was dedicated to repairing the large defect created by the mass removal.  Skin reconstruction, drains, and bandaging are all needed to get the wound healed quickly on the first try.  Large mass removal surgeries are prone to dehiscence or suture breakdown, which can require additional surgery or much longer healing time.  In Marco’s case there fortunately was lots of skin for good closure.

The mass removed was 7.5″ by 5″ by approximately 3″ high and weighed 1.38 kg (3 lbs).  This mass was 10% of Marco’s body weight!  (see our post on Facebook for images of the mass after removal).

After surgery Marco immediately felt better and is recovering well.

Update on Marco (as of January 23, 2014)

Marco was in last week for his drain removal and in today to have his staples removed.  He looks AWESOME!  His owner said he is doing fantastic at home; they noticed an increase in activity almost immediately after his surgery.

We are so pleased he is doing well and wish him a continued speedy recovery!



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