Meet Allie – Biggest Loser Contestant

Day One

Day One

Allie is a 3-year-old Beagle and is starting with a weight of 18.4 kg (40.5 lbs).  Her current BFI is 47.3% and her ideal weight is 12.1 kg (26.6 lbs).

When asked to describe Allie, her owner says she is super family friendly.  She also howls when she wants to be petted.  She loves stuffed toys and penguins are her favourite.  Allie also enjoys going down the kid’s slide at the park.

Allie’s owner plans to walk her more often to aid in her weight loss and says the benefits for her will be a healthy and longer lifespan.

Day One

Day One

Day One

Day One

Good luck Allie!

Watch for updates on how all the contestants are doing over the course of the Challenge.

Feel free to post comments and words of encouragement to each of them.  We will be certain to pass it along!

Enroll YOUR pet!

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