Meet Aspen – Biggest Loser Contestant

Day One

Day One

Meet Aspen, an 8-year-old Golden Retriever and the newest Biggest Loser Contestant.  Aspen is starting at a weight of 38.6 kg (85 lbs) and her ideal weight is 23.6 kg (52 lbs).

According to Aspen’s owner she is outgoing, loves people and loves to play fetch with the tennis ball (which is her favourite toy), she also loves to cuddle.  As we know animals are amazing creatures with the most amazing abilities – as Aspen’s owner can attest to.  Recently Aspen found her owner’s breast cancer!

The plan for Aspen?  Along with the diet change is to also increase her activity, spend more time playing with their other dogs.  Her owner looks forward to the benefits of the weight loss being less fatigue and a longer healthier life.  Plus her owner says, she will worry less about a possible injury from playing.

Good luck Aspen!

Day One Top View

Day One Top View

Day One Side View

Day One Side View

Watch for updates on how all the contestants are doing over the course of the Challenge.

Feel free to post comments and words of encouragement to each of them.  We will be certain to pass it along!

Enroll YOUR pet!

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