Meet Playdoh – Biggest Loser Contestant


Day One

Meet Playdoh a 6-year-old domestic medium-hair cat.  His starting weight is 5.7 kg (12.5 lbs) and should ideally be 4.6 kg (10 lbs).

His owner describes Playdoh as a “bad” cat, in the good way.  He is very mischevious, loves to get into things and bug the other pets in the household, but at the same time he is very loving and tolerant and takes anyone new under his wing.  He helped foster 3 kittens whose mom had been killed and now loves nothing more than cuddling with the 4-year-old human boy in the house.

The challenge with Playdoh, his owner says, will be preventing him from eating other food… ALL other food.  He likes to eat, everything from salad to spaghetti to the dog’s t/d large breed dog treats!

Day One

Day One

Day One

Day One

Good luck Playdoh!

Watch for updates on how all the contestants are doing over the course of the Challenge.

Feel free to post comments and words of encouragement to each of them. We will be certain to pass it along!

Enroll YOUR pet!

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