Dog Bite Prevention – Being a Tree Works!

be a tree

Dogs love to chase.  Really it is one of their favourite games.  They chase squirrels, rabbits, gophers, thrown balls, AND people that run.  Dogs never chase trees.  Trees are boring, they don’t move, they are no fun.

Teaching your child to “Be-a-Tree” is an excellent tool to help them be safe around loose dogs.  They can do this when a strange dog comes running towards them or when a dog they were playing with gets too rambunctious.  To be a tree the child must stop – plant their feet – fold their branches in (not up across the chest, but just hanging together in front) – watch their roots grow – and count or think of something else until help comes or the dog goes away.

The following video (provided by Doggone Safe) shows how running causes a dog to chase and how being a tree causes the dog to lose interest in the now boring children.  It is a great video and it shows at the end how moving causes the dog to re-engage.

It is part of a dog’s nature to sniff and “check out” the tree.  Be sure to teach your child to expect this, so they are not frightened by it.  Talk to your child about how dog’s greet each other, that they use their nose to recognize people or other animals and to learn about new people and animals.  As long as your child stays in this position the dog will lose interest and go away.  Before moving, your child should use their eyes, without moving their branches or unplanting their roots, to be sure the dog is gone or someone has come to take control of the dog.

A few of our team are becoming “Be A Tree” presenters.  If you wish to arrange a presentation for your child’s school or classroom or for a Beaver or Brownie/Girl Guide group, please contact us.

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  1. This is a great tip I have not heard of before. Thanks for sharing

  1. Interacting with Dogs | Albert North Vet Clinic

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