Biggest Loser Challenge

As we head into spring we often think about becoming more active, shedding those pounds gained over winter, getting a little bit healthier. Here at ANVC we think about doing this for our pets. Hill’s has come out with a wonderful new diet called Metabolic. It is desiged to work with your pet’s metabolism to help them lose weight. In a study (where owners didn’t know it was a weight loss food or that they should be restricting treats, etc) 88% of pets lost weight in the first 2 months! That is amazing, especially considering nothing else about the pets routine had changed, only the main food they were eating.

Carrying too much weight of course isn’t healthy, we all know that, but often we don’t think of it from our pet’s perspective. How much do you know about obesity in pets? Take the obesity quiz to find out.

Now imagine being able to utilize this wonderful new diet to easily get your pet down to a healthy weight and have the opportunity to win more than just a healthier pet. Here at the clinic we are committed to help you ensure your pets are the healthiest they can be. To this end, we have launched a Biggest Loser Challenge for our clients. Running from May 6th to October 7th 2013, any one that enrolls in the challenge will have a chance to win prizes (for the pet AND the owner)! When you enroll a veterinary technologist trained in nutrition counselling will weigh your dog or cat and take their measurements and photos. All the data gets entered into the food program to determine what your pet’s ideal weight is and how much to feed them. The technologist will work with you over the course of the program scheduling weighins and helping you to meet your goal. We will track your progress and at the midway point the top 3 dogs and top 3 cats will win a prize, then at the end we will have even more prizes for our top winners (cat and dog) as well as prizes for other categories.

Wondering how to enroll? Call today to make a quick (no cost) 15 min appointment, purchase the new food and you are on your way!

Want to meet our contestants? Check them out on our website and follow our blog to meet them and watch their progress throughout the competition.

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